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July 30, 2007 – Lead Sponsor for Saint Francis Seminary Pallium Scholarship Golf Benefit
June 18, 2007 – Lead Sponsor for Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts Wilson Center Golf Classic
June 15, 2007 – Lawyer Frank Pasternak Moderating & Speaking at Lorman Litigation Skills for Legal Staff
December 2006 – Milwaukee Magazine Super Lawyers honors Frank Pasternak
September 14, 2006 – E. coli Spinach cases in Wisconsin
June 15, 2006 – Frank Pasternak speaks on litigation skills with other Wisconsin lawyers
February 9, 2006 – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel again interviews Wisconsin Asbestos Lawyer Frank Pasternak
October 3, 2005 – Frank Pasternak obtains $375,000.00 at trial of FELA railroad slip and fall case involving knee injury
June 23, 2005 – Wisconsin Lawyer Frank Pasternak Named Best Attorney by CNI Newspapers
March 1, 2005 – Wisconsin’s American Family Insurance rakes in profits
January 24, 2005 – America’s Best Lawyers invites Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak
November 18, 2004 –  Frank Pasternak speaking at at NBI’s “A Practical Refresher on Litigating the Wisconsin Auto Injury Case”
August 4, 2004 –  Sam’s Club E. coli Recall hits Wisconsin
March 10, 2004 – Wisconsin welders:  Parkinson’s symptoms from manganese welding rods not helped by L-Dopa
February 27, 2004 – Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak speaks to Wisconsin paralegals  on Minor Settlements  in personal injury and wrongful death cases
December 1, 2004 – Wisconsin Law Journal publishes interview with Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak in “Guide to Legal Technology” Techlink article
November 17, 2003 – Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak interviewed by WTMJ 4 on W.R. Grace’s Zonolite
October 17, 2003 – Frank Pasternak speaks to Wisconsin lawyers on  Minor Settlements at a Trial Lawyers seminar at The Edgewater in Madison, Wisconsin
June 16, 2003 – Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak recommended by Milwaukee Radio Host Bob Dolan
March 6, 2003 – Frank Pasternak speaks at Milwaukee Area Technical College on Wisconsin Injury & Hospitality Law
December 1, 2002 – Wisconsin Lawyers 2002 Dangerous Toys list
November 18, 2002 – medical malpractice case involving birth injury settled for $1,000,000.00
November 17, 2002 – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel interview with Wisconsin Asbestos Lawyer Pasternak
November 13, 2002 – Frank Pasternak speaks at NBI’s “Adjusting Motor Vehicle Accident/Premises Liability Personal Injury Claims in Wisconsin”
October 10, 2002 – E. coli lawsuit filed by Wisconsin lawyers against Emmpak  
September 4, 2002 – Wisconsin lawyer Frank Pasternak interviewed in Cleveland Newspaper’s “The Wal-Mart Menace”
June 24, 2002 – Wall Street Journal reports lawsuits not basis for high Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs
April 10, 2002 – Waukesha Freeman writes about Lawyer Frank Pasternak in “Attorney gains access to Walgreens records”


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