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Wisconsin personal injury lawyer Frank Pasternak founded his Wisconsin law firm after working 12 years with highly regarded personal injury and wrongful death lawyers.  His experience includes 5 years of work in Chicago, Illinois with nationally renowned personal injury lawyers Robert Clifford, Philip Corboy and Thomas Demetrio.  He then practiced 7 years as a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee working at two of Milwaukee�s old guard personal injury law firms litigating wrongful death trials and personal injury lawsuits with and against Wisconsin personal injury lawyers for the plaintiff and defense counsel recognized in Milwaukee Magazine and Best Lawyers in America.

Throughout his career as a lawyer, Frank Pasternak has focused only on personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Such litigation has focused primarily on Wisconsin, but has involved cases in Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.  Several of these personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits resulted in multimillion-dollar verdicts or settlements, including a falling merchandise trial against Wal-Mart that in 2001 resulted in a final judgment of $8,956,879.00, which including interest resulted in a recovery exceeding $11,400,000.00.

Aside from experience, reputation is the firm’s greatest asset.  Nearly all clients come to the firm on referral from former clients, Wisconsin lawyers, or out-of-state personal injury lawyers.  Due to our reliance on referrals, client satisfaction is our fundamental goal.  Our list of referring lawyers includes prominent Chicago personal injury lawyers, including Burke, Mahoney & Wise, Clifford Law Offices, Cooney & Conway, and Corboy & Demetrio, just to name a few, as well as several of Milwaukee’s leading corporate, family, and criminal law firms.

Wisconsin personal injury lawyers regrettably use paid advertising excessively.  The extreme cost of such ads can cause some personal injury lawyers to need scores of clients to pay for it.  Our law firm does not operate that way.  Our firm advertises minimally but limits cases handled to those involving serious personal injury, such as burns, paralysis, fractures, surgery, scarring, permanent injury, disability, disfigurement or death.  We keep our overhead costs low, but more important to you, we keep our case volume low so that we guarantee that your lawyer knows exactly who you are and the facts of your case.  This allows our firm to obtain fair and just results for you because every case is different and lawyers who handle hundreds of cases forget that.  At our firm. you deal regularly with no one other than your Wisconsin personal injury lawyer.

Wisconsin personal injury lawyer Frank Pasternak’s Professional Resume

CNI Newspapers Best Attorney
NBC News interview
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel interview
Waukesha Freeman interview
WISN’s Bob Dolan recommendation
America’s Best Lawyers
Top rated Lawyer
Milwaukee Magazine Super Lawyers

If you wish to know whether the firm can help with a Wisconsin personal injury or wrongful death case, please call (262) 785-0802 or send email to  Wisconsin lawyers may only practice law in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin lawyers may however work at no added fee or expense with personal injury lawyers and wrongful death lawyers outside Wisconsin and Wisconsin lawyers may be admitted to practice on a temporary basis outside Wisconsin.  The firm may help with Wisconsin Personal Injury cases and potentially with cases outside Wisconsin. 
In addition, the firm works with out-of-state attorneys needing pro hac vice admission to practice and a local Wisconsin personal injury lawyer.